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Clima-Quiddick/Climategate and prior art.

Numerous places have been exploding the scandal that's resulting from the leaked emails from the supposed Climate Research Unit.

A good place if you're unfamiliar is Bishop Hill. In a perfect case example to why the technically-inclined should be respected, the now-renamed East Anglia Emails presents the emails in a searchable database.

Much more is coming out from the data files, but that will take longer.

But what I'm wondering...

Are Niven, Pournelle and Flynn going to get royalties, and why haven't they been interviewed for their foresight?

Fallen Angels. (Baen Free Library, if you'd prefer another method than online HTML: Webscriptions has other formats

Synopsis of the novel: the Greens have taken over, and restricted carbon output with a central overreaching government. Even though a ice age has started. They ruthlessly chase down and punish dissenters, claiming they're saving us from "Global Warming".

Written in 1992.

Science Fiction isn't supposed to be this accurate.

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