unix_jedi (unix_jedi) wrote,

ColtCCO is back.


My TN Handgun Carry Permit was denied renewal because I was charged with going armed, and the TN Dept of Safety doesn’t care to see that the charges were entirely dismissed by the judge. They don’t even have an excuse, as the TBI does have that info in their database, I passed two TICS background checks this past month, so TN Dept of Safety apparently just saw the charge was made, and gave up right there, guilty until proven innocent. Government incompetence is the gift that just keeps on giving, considering that the original charge of going armed that I spent so much time and money getting dismissed, was entirely their fault in the first place, by written admission of their own director.

You can’t win against the Leviathan. It’s not malicious, just obstinately stupid and stubborn.

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