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3-day weekend, spent sick with a nasty cold (Now passed to the sniffly-but-still-cute Nurse Dixie, sadly enough), and a sinus infection sneaking in on the flank.

Or, I could discuss work.

Or my "garden". Yeah, the garden is a far better topic.

We've been having a nasty drought this year - so I decided to just pot a "few" plants on the back deck. Then I rooted some suckers from the first couple of tomatoes...

[click for larger picture]

Here's the first "big" harvest, in front of the "Roma bucket".

I did mention.. small... garden, right? Oh, well, I started rainbarrelling, and had a lot of water, so I thought... well, so the Roma got some of it's suckers rooted, and then I took a bathtub and decided to have a bunch, in hopes of getting a bunch sauced and canned for the winter.

There's a bit of... randomness in my potting materials. Yes, that's a old bucket holding the "original" Roma. 3 are in kitty litter buckets. 2 are in old 5-gallon buckets.

These were some suckers I rooted, and put in the windowbox temporarily, just to mature so I could put them in the front yard.

Before I tried to dig the hole.
In the clay.
With some cheap posthole diggers.
That plan was aborted after much effort and little result... And then these started bearing in the windowbox - surprisingly well. They're small tomatoes, but very tasty.

I was trying to keep the "garden" small. Til I was doing some work at the wife's house we're fixing up to sell, and ran by their small hardware store. Being forbidden to water outdoors, they were giving away their wilted and poor plants... And I had to rescue a bunch of them. Including these pimentos. Also a squash plant that's in a "disposable" roasting pan, and grew out the side of the porch.

Here's some of the Romas I hope to get in another couple of weeks - 6 Romas plants in a large washtub seems to be working poifectly.
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