unix_jedi (unix_jedi) wrote,

I'd hate to think what a biased media would look like...

Even one that's got the ability to even check minor facts.

Instapundit points to the NYT confusing the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Which is a good catch, but what of:
Even the craven gun lobby should manage some shame over this absurd example of Second Amendment idolatry.

Definitions of craven on the Web:
  • poltroon: an abject coward
  • lacking even the rudiments of courage; abjectly fearful; "the craven fellow turned and ran"; "a craven proposal to raise the white flag"; "this recreant knight"- Spenser

    It is ironic (someone call Alanis) that the NYT displays such bias, scorn, and sneering disdain for the "gun lobby" and their "Second Amendment Idolatry" in the same editorial they misquote the actual Constitution.

    Speaking of "Idolatry" NYT editors, have you revealed any more wartime secrets recently upon the altar of the First Amendment?

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